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6. Selling Content on myeCarousel

myeCarousel is a Division of Pana Portal View Incorporated. 

General Considerations

1. This section refers to the sold content as specify in the About Sold-Bought Content under 2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy .

2. This Agreement governs the terms by which members of myeCarousel obtain the right to sell panoramas, photos, and any other content uploaded to their member account through the website located at www.myecarousel.com. This License Agreement is part of the myeCarousel Terms and Conditions , including all its sections.

3. By selecting "I agree to the myeCarousel Terms and Conditions" you accept this Agreement either for yourself or on behalf of your employer or the entity that is identified as the member account holder, and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you are accepting on behalf of your employer or the entity that is the member account holder, you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to bind your employer or such other entity. If you do not have such authority or you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not accept the Agreement and do not upload-sell the Content.

4. In this Agreement:

a. "You" or the "Member" means you or, if you are accepting on behalf of your employer or member account entity, then "you" means that employer or entity and affiliates.

b. "myeCarousel" or "we" means Pana Portal View Inc, company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

c. "Content" means any panorama and hotspot images and descriptions included in the code and that you upload on your account and offer for sale on myecarouselc.com.

5. This Agreement will apply to any of the options you choose when you put your content for sale, and that includes the sale price, inclusion of hotspots images and credited or signature free options.

6. Prices for each panorama will be determined by the seller member, based on a pricing tier provided by myeCarousel. Prices will be in Canadian dollars and can vary at any time and it will not affect former sales. If buyer is located in Canada applicable taxes will be applied on prices.

7. To sell panoramas on myecarousel.com you must be 18 years old or older and have an active free or paid account.

8. When you put a content for sale on myecarousel.com, including panoramas and hotspots images and descriptions, you agree that buyers will have royalty free for unlimited time for the use of the sold content, on other websites and in printed as regulated in Permitted License Uses under our 7. Buying Content section .

9. By offering any content for sale on myecarousel.com, including but not limited to images and written content, you confirm that you have full intellectual property rights to the content.

10. After you sell signature free content on myecarousel.com, meaning that the content will not include your name, the buyer will be able to download the original resolution panorama image file to a computer. If the panorama includes one or more image hotspots, the hotspots images will also be downloaded with the related panorama in a compressed version. No original resolution for hotspot images are included with the sale. Signature free downloaded panorama and hotspots images can be uploaded again to the myeCarousel account of the buyer member, and the uploaded panorama images will include the name of the member who uploaded the images.

11. The content you offer for sale on myecarousel.com, including panoramas and hotspots images and descriptions, have to comply with the Content Standards included in our 1.Terms of Use and Contribution Terms .

12. myeCarousel reserves the right to delete without consultation any content that does not comply with the myeCarousel Community Guidelines and Content Standars included in our 1.Terms of Use and Contribution Terms , and our 2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy .

What you cannot sell on myeCarousel

1. You cannot offer for sale or for free on myecarousel.com and any other website, panoramas and hotspots images and any other content that:

1.1. You bought on myecarousel.com.

1.2. Show faces and other areas that may identify a person or group of people. To upload and sell such panoramas and hotspots images you need to blur the faces and areas that may identify people shown on the images.

1.3. Show vehicles plates, homes numbers and store front signs and signage located in private areas. To upload and sell such panoramas you need to blur such areas.

1.4. Show private properties, unless you are the owner of the property or have the permission to promote the property.

1.5. Show nudity, offensive content or any other content that violates the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1.Terms of Use and Contribution Terms .

2. You cannot edit or modify a panorama and hotspot images and any other content you bought from myecarousel.com and upload or sell this content as your own on myecarousel.com and any other website.

What you can sell on myeCarousel

myeCarousel members can sell only panoramas and related content to witch they have full copyrights. By uploading and including a panorama for sale a member confirms he/she has full copyright on the affected content. myeCarousel has not a way to verify if the seller has full rights to sell a panorama and related content and we are not responsible for any copyright infringement related with uploading and selling any content on myecarousel.com. If you find that a content on myecarousel.com is yours and that it has been uploaded or put for sale without your authorization please read the Notice for Claims of Intellectual Property Violations in our 4. Report Abuse Policy section for further actions. If myeCarousel determines that a content uploaded on myecarousel.com infringes some copyrights it may result in the cancellation of the affected account by myeCarousel.

Process to list a panorama for sale

1. From your account, select the panorama you want to sell.

2. Choose the price for the panorama from the price tier.

3. If available, select if you want to include the hotspot images. If available, sound will not be included with the sale.

4. Select if the sale will be signature free. If you select to be a signature free sale your name will not be included with the panorama and the buyer will be able to download the panorama and hotspot image files, if available.

5. You can modify or delete a sale at any time. Content bought before a modification or deletion will not be affected.

6. Selling process are through PayPal and credit card secure online payment options. After the buyer makes the payment the panorama and related content will be available in the buyer account to be embedded, and the image file-s to be downloaded, if the sale included the signature free option.

About Commissions on panoramas sales

1. Commissions on panoramas sales vary depending on your plan. To view an updated commissions information refer to Compare Plans under the  Sell Panoramas feature. All transactions on myecarousel.com including commissions are in Canadian dollars .

2. Commissions are transferred from myeCarousel to the seller after the total amount reaches CAD$100, and, after 37 days from the last selling transaction. Refunds from the seller account may occur during this period to buyers if infringement of copyrights has been determined by myeCarousel. myeCarousel may decide to change the total amount and time period at any time for future payments.

3. Commissions are transferred from myeCarousel to the seller via Paypal or any other option chosen by myeCarousel. Cost for transfer may apply and will be discounted from the total commission amount before the transfer takes place.

Commissions Payment process

1. myeCarousel collect the money paid for the content via PayPal or credit card.

2. myeCarousel pays the selling fees and credit card commission to PayPal.

3. myeCarousel transfers to the seller account on myecarousel.com a commission of the balance depending on the plan the seller has. For information about commissions refer to Compare Plans under the Sell Panoramas feature.

4. Sellers can review their balance on sales at any time from their account.

5. Transfer of funds from the member myeCarousel account to the seller are made through PayPal or by cheque sent by regular mail if the member requests. Transfer is made by myeCarousel after the balance reaches CAD$100.

6. Because post services security and fees vary depending on each country and city around the world, we strongly recommend the option of PayPal to get paid. If the seller decides to be paid by cheque sent by mail, myeCarousel will use the regular mail service to send the cheque to the seller. If the seller ask for a different service to receive the payment, the seller will paid for the option chosen before the cheque is sent by myeCarousel. myeCarousel is not responsible for any delayed or missing cheques.