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3. Privacy Policy on myeCarousel

myeCarousel is a Division of Pana Portal View Incorporated.

General Considerations

1. Your trust is very important to us and we will do our best to be transparent about everything relating to your privacy and the way the information you provide to myecarousel.com is used.

2. On myecarousel.com we do not collect any information other than the information supplied to us to serve our members' accounts. This information is strictly and totally confidential, and will not be used for anything other than serving myeCarousel members.

3. myecarousel.com was created for all audiences and in order to encourage members to follow and respect myeCarousel's family friendly content rules we request some personal information when you sign up as a member. Personal information will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared by myecaoursel.com with any third parties without your prior consent or as required by applicable law. You acknowledge and agree, however, that myecaoursel.com cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to personal data being compromised. myecarousel.com requires all users to provide their real name along with other personal and business information to encourage authenticity of membership and a commitment from users to respect the myeCarousel Community Guidelines as mentioned in our 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms . If you wish, you will be able to hide this information from your profile page.

4. When using myecarousel.com you are also committed to respect others privacy. When you upload an image or any other content on myecarousel.com you confirm that you own the copyright or have permission to upload the image or content. If the image you upload contains identifiable faces, license plates or any other information that may affect the privacy of others, you must conceal or blur these areas before you upload the image. Failed to do so will result in your image or content to be removed by myeCarousel. If myeCarousel receives a complaint from someone who feels his/her privacy is jeopardized because of a content you uploaded to your account, you may be contacted and asked to address the problem. myeCarousel reserves the right to remove any image and content at any time without consultation.

5. myeCarousel has in place a double opt-in confirmation process. This means that after you originally enter your email to create an account, and after you accept the myeCarousel Terms and Conditions, you receive a confirmation email from us. This email contain a special link back to myeCarousel, which will then verify that you did indeed sign up with myeCarousel.

6. Regarding newsletters, you have the option to register when you sign up by clicking on the field provided. Every newsletter you receive from us will have the option to unsubscribe. myeCarousel newsletters will provide you with useful information and news related to myeCarousel, panorama photography and virtual tours.

7. Regarding notifications by email, if you do not register to our newsletters, we may still need to contact you from time to time while you have an active account with us. These notifications will mainly relate to updates, announcements about term changes, and technical issues related with your account. These notifications will normally be more specific and brief than a newsletter and could be sent individually to one member, to a group of members, or all members, depending on what we need to communicate. By creating and maintaining an active account on myecarousel.com, you agreed to receive these notifications.

Security Warning

As a member you will be able to upload photos, images and other content to your account on myecarousel.com. The photos, images and other content may also include information about you, your business or others, including but not limited to, your property addresses, security or alarm system, safety deposit box or a safe. myeCarousel is not responsible for any security breaches that result from content uploaded from your account, and we strongly recommend that you delete or conceal any information that may affect your or others' privacy or security before you upload a photo, panorama image or other content to myecarousel.com. myeCarousel reserves the right to remove any photo, image and other content affecting members security or confidentiality at any time without consultation.

Why do you need to provide your location information?

myecarousel.com provides information related to places where members are located. This will include your country, city and other personal location information. You will be able to conceal your personal location information in your profile if you wish. Panoramas uploaded from a member account also require the location from where the photos have been taken, and this information will be visible to other myecarousel.com viewers if the panorama is set to Everyone or Friends Only publish settings. The use of this information is governed by the myecarousel.com Privacy Policy as stated above.

Have you found any issues on myeCarousel.com?

myecarlousel.com showcases driving and walking virtual tour options.

The driving virtual tours are provided by Google with its Google Maps and Street View systems, and is regulated by Google's own regulations.

Click here to learn more about Google and Street View related to privacy. 

Click here to learn more about Google Privacy Policy.

The walking virtual tours are provided by myeCarousel’s own photography and collaboration from members. The animated panoramas are generally created by stitching together photos taken while walking around a place. These images are not real time and because of this they don't always show updated information.

Based on the myeCarousel regulations, all images showing faces, license plates and any other information that infringe the privacy of others have to be concealed or blurred before being uploaded. If you find that an image includes some area that affects your privacy, or any offensive content, such as nudity, or if you think someone is using your image without permission, please use the Report Abuse link provided below the content on most of the pages on myecarousel.com to report an abuse.

You can also contact us with your concern selecting the Report Abuse category and providing us with a description of your concern and a link to the affected page on myecarousel.com. After we receive your concern we will attend to fix the problem. You will need to include your full name and email so we can notify you regarding the outcome of your request. Refer to our 4. Report Abuse Policy section for more information.