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2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy

myeCarousel is a Division of Pana Portal View Incorporated. 

General Considerations

1. At myeCarousel we respect the intellectual property of others and we expect our users and members to do the same when they are on myecarousel.com. As we include links to other websites, you will have access to content such as graphics, videos, text, etc. on these websites. This content is protected by intellectual property laws in Canada and other countries, and the terms of use of these other websites regulate the use of their content.

2. All content belonging to myCarouselon on myecarousel.com, including but not limited to photos, icons, images, animations, panoramas, virtual reality, source codes, layout design and sounds remains the property of myeCarousel and cannot be utilized by any means without the prior written authorization from myeCarousel . All content belonging to a member that is uploaded to myecarousel.com remains the property of the member. 

3. Google Maps and Google Street View are registered trademarks of Google Inc. myeCarousel does not charge for the use of Google Maps and Google Street View services and myecarousel.com users have to abide by the Google Inc. own regulations when using these services. 

4. By uploading any content to myecarousel.com, including but not limited to images, sounds, videos or written content, you confirm that you have the intellectual property rights to the content. You will not upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any content that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any other party. If you have embedded your panoramas on other websites you also confirm you have the full copyright to run your panoramas on the other website separately from myecarousel.com. As you will be able to obtain the embedding code only from your account, you are also responsible for your code being embedded on any other website by a third party. 

5. Embedded panoramas will normally include the myeCarousel logo and, as myecarousel.com is a family friendly website, you cannot share or embed any content from myeCarousel to a website with any content that is not suitable for all audiences. Violation of this policy will result in the deactivation of your account by myeCarousel with the lost of all content uploaded in your account, without any notice. 

6. When you upload content, including but not limited to images, sound, videos or written content to myecarousel.com, you are providing myeCarousel a non-exclusive indefinite right to use a Shared Content version on myecarousel.com.  For more information about Shared Content please refer to About Shared Content below. 

7. When you upload panoramas and create virtual tours as an Authorized Provider , for another member as customer, the content transferred to the customer account becomes Customer Content . The Customer Content may or may not include the name of the provider, and the copyrights are transferred to the customer, unless otherwise specified between the provider and the customer. 

8. When you list your content for sale on myecarousel.com and somebody buy it, this content becomes Sold-Bought Content . For more information about Sold-Bough Content refer to our 6. Selling Content and 7. Buying Content sections. 

9. All panorama files uploaded to myecarousel.com will be published in the animated format myeCarousel provides, and will include the name of the member who uploaded the image. This does not imply our acceptance that the copyright of the uploaded content belongs to the member who uploaded the content. Any images uploaded to be used as hotspots will remain in their original image format and if you want a credit included with such images, you will have to incorporate this information as part of the image before it is uploaded. 

10.myeCarousel undertakes to implement all reasonable measures to protect a member's content against unauthorized copying or use. However, myeCarousel is not responsible for any unauthorized use of members’ contents. If you want to have the certainty that a content will not be used by others without your consent, don't upload such content on myecarousel.com.   

11. If you believe that someone is violating your intellectual property rights or infringing the 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms , please contact us by following the instructions provided in our 4. Report Abuse Policy section.


About Shared Content

1. By uploading your content on myecarousel.com you are giving myeCarousel a non-exclusive, indefinite right to publish this content on your account as well as on the public section of myecarousel.com, if selected. All content you upload is saved on your member account on myeCarousel servers. The public version of your content is a copy of the content you uploaded and is designated Shared Content . Shared Content does not include soundtracks, if available.

2. When you upload a panorama, including its content, from your account on myecarousel.com you will have the option to set it as a Everyone , Friends Only and Private panorama. If you set it to Private, the panorama will only be viewable from your account. If you set it to Friends Only, the panorama will be viewable only to myeCarousel members who are in your friends’ list. If you set the panorama to Everyone, your panorama, written information and other linked panoramas and hotspot photos will be showcased to other members and viewers. The Shared Content is a copy of your content you set to Everyone setting, and if you set an Everyone panorama that is being used by myeCarousel as Shared Content back to Friends Only or Private setting, the Share Content will not be affected, unless you request this to myeCarousel by writing.  You, the member, are solely responsible for ensuring that your panoramas are set to the setting you want.  

3. If you decide to deactivate your account, all the information in your account will be deleted from the myeCarousel servers after 30 days, except for the Shared Content , Customer Content and Sold-Bought Content , that will remain active. If for any reason you want any Shared Content removed or deleted, you will need to contact myeCarousel in writing with your request. You cannot delete or request to myeCarousel for the deletion of Customer Content and Sold-Bought Content .  

4. The cancelation of your account or deletion of a panorama, including any hotspots, sound, written content or any other content attached to your member version of the affected panorama, will result in such content also being deleted or becoming un-viewable from any other website for which you embedded a code linking the content.

5. myecarousel.com was created to offer free dynamic and interactive information about destinations, businesses and properties around the world. To accomplish this we rely on panoramas uploaded by our members. Access to our virtual tours is free and myeCarousel may decide to edit Shared Content for use on the myecarousel.com’s public virtual tour pages. This includes but is not limited to new content, links and hotspots related to the promotion of places, businesses, properties and other members.

6. myeCarousel may decide to delete a Shared Content at any time without consultation.

7. You will always maintain the copyright and other intellectual property  in the content you upload on myecarousel.com and myeCarousel undertakes to include your name on panoramas you upload except on Customer Content and Sold Content that have their own regulations. 


About Customer Content

1. Customer Content is the content that has been created by a member Provider for a member Customer , and that has been accepted by the customer. The deletion of content from a cancelled account will not include Customer Content such as panoramas and other material you created as a provider for other members, if you have a plan that includes this option.

2. After a content you created as a Provider for a Customer has been accepted by the customer, all the content is moved to the customer’s account and you transfer to the customer the right to use such content for his/her own benefit, and unless you contact the customer directly and he/she agrees to delete such content from myecarousel.com, you cannot delete the accepted content from other member’s account.

3. A Customer Content may or may not include the name of the member provider.

4. A Customer Content cannot be re-sold by the customer or provider.

5. A content provided by a provider to a customer, and that was not accepted by the customer, is not considered Customer Content and can be sold on myecarousel.com only if such content does not show any private property, events or faces, what is considered private content. To sell this private content, the seller will need to contact directly to the part affected for permission and agreement issues, and myeCarousel takes no responsibility of any nature for what results from these agreements.

6. If you decide to deactivate your account, the Customer Content, if available, will not be affected. You cannot delete or ask for deletion of a Customer Content , unless you contact the customer owner of the content directly and reach an agreement with the customer to delete the content. myeCarousel takes no responsibility of any nature for what results from these agreements.


About Sold-Bought Content

1. A myeCarousel member can decide to put his/her content, such as panoramas and other related materials for sale on myecarousel.com. After another member buy a content for sale, myeCarousel generates a copy of the content on the buyer account, and this is considered Sold-Bought Content .

2. A Sold-Bought Content on myecarousel.com includes the code the buyer can copy and paste on his/her website to have the animated panorama and related content running on the website. A Sold-Bought Content may also include the panorama and hotspot image digital files, if the content bought was set to signature free by the seller at the moment of the sale.  

3. A Sold-Bought Content includes a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license rights, to use the content for the permitted uses as defined in the 7. Buying Content section. A Sold-Bought Content cannot be used unless the activity or use is permitted use. myeCarousel or the member seller and supplier of the content retains all rights to and in the content. This include without limitations all copyright and any other intellectual property rights related with the content. 

4. Sold-Bought Contents are independent from the content a member have in their account and from the content put for sale. After a sale is made, the Sold-Bought Content is automatically created in the buyer account, and this content will not be affected by the editing, update, deletion and discontinue sale of the other mentioned content versions. 

5. Sold-Bought Content does not include the Google Maps and Street View that eventually can be viewed with the content. Google Maps and Google Street View are registered trademarks of Google Inc. myeCarousel does not charge for the use of Google Maps and Google Street View services and myecarousel.com users have to abide by the Google Inc. own regulations when using these services.