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7. Buying Content on myeCarousel

myeCarousel is a Division of Pana Portal View Incorporated. 

General Considerations

1. This section refers to the bought content as specify in the About Sold-Bought Content in our section  2. Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy.

2. This Agreement governs the terms by which members and clients of myeCarousel obtain the right to:

a. Use the code to embed panoramas, photos, and any other content.

b. Download panoramas and hotspots image files, if included in the sale and if the sale is signature free, after they buy this content from myeCarousel and from other members through the website located at www.myecarousel.com. This License Agreement is part of the myeCarousel Terms and Conditions, including all its sections.

3. By selecting "I agree to the myeCarousel Terms and Conditions" you accept this Agreement either for yourself or on behalf of your employer or the entity that is identified as the member account holder, and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you are accepting on behalf of your employer or the entity that is the member account holder, you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to bind your employer or such other entity. If you do not have such authority or you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not accept the Agreement and do not buy, embed or download the Content.

4. In this Agreement:

a. "You" or the "Member" means you or, if you are accepting on behalf of your employer or member account entity, then "you" means that employer or entity and affiliates.

b. "myeCarousel" or "we" means Pana Portal View Inc., company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

c. "Content" means any panorama and hotspot images and descriptions included in the content you can buy on myecarousel.com and that can be embedded on your website, and if the sale is signature free can be downloaded to your computer.

5. This Agreement will apply to any of the options included when you buy the content, such as the sale price, inclusion of hotspots images, credited or signature free options, rules to copy and paste Embed Codes and permitted used for downloaded content.

6. Prices for each panorama will be determined by the seller member, based on a pricing tier provided by myeCarousel. Prices will be in Canadian dollars and can vary at any time and it will not affect former sales. If buyer is located in Canada applicable taxes will be applied on prices.

7. To buy panoramas on myecarousel.com you mast be 18 years old or older and have an active free or paid account.

8. Panoramas and included hotspots images and descriptions are royalty free and for the exclusive use of the buyer member.

9. Sales of panoramas are final. Upon completing a purchase, the panorama and its content will be immediately copied to your account and you will have permission to use the panorama. The panorama itself will be set to Private and Google Street View will be disabled by default.

10. After you buy signature free content on myecarousel.com, you will be able to download the original resolution panorama image file to your computer. If the panorama includes one or more image hotspots, the hotspots images will also be downloaded with the related panorama in a compressed version. No original resolution for hotspot images are included with the sale.

11. The editing of an embed code from a member account, of a panorama created by the member or bought from another member will automatically update the code embedded on a HTML page.

12. Any editing or update a seller makes on a content for sale, does not affect the related content bought before the editing or update.

13. After you delete a bought panorama, all embedded code related will be also permanently deleted. To recover the panorama and code you will need to buy the panorama again, if it’s still for sale, or upload the images from your computer if the bought content was signature free and you downloaded it to your computer before de deletion.

14. If Google Maps and Street View are shown with a panorama bought on myecarousel.com, these are services provided by Google and included with our content for free. myeCarousel does not charge for access, viewing or embedding of any material that is not generated on myecarousel.com.

15. myeCarousel reserves the right to delete without consultation any bought content that is used or embedded in a way that violets the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1.Terms of Use and Contribution Terms, and our 2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy section.

16. The resolution of the panorama images are based on many factors, including but not limited to the image Width/Height in pixels, the dots per inch (DPI), and the file size (Kb, Mb, etc.). All panorama images you buy on myecarousel.com will be downloaded in JPEG format, at the DPI of which the file was uploaded. No image resolution is lost from the initial upload. If the DPI information is unavailable, it will not be used in the calculation of determining resolution and will be stated as so when purchasing any panorama. All hotspot images are resized and formatted to a maximum of 600 pixels in both width and height, with a DPI of 72.

17. myeCarousel has not a way to verify if the seller has full copyrights on the panorama and related content they offer for sale. If you think that you bought some content that infringes copyrights, you need to report this to us as soon as possible. If we find that an infringement occurred, we will provide you with a refund and you will need to stop using and delete the content immediately. For more information about reporting an infringement refer to our 4. Report Abuse Policy section. For more information about refunds refer to About Fees, Charges, Taxes & Refunds; item #12, under our 5. Services and Pricing section.

License Uses that are Permitted

1. myeCarousel reserves the right to deactivate without notification any Sold-Bought Content that violates any of the Permitted License Uses mentioned below, as well as to cancel the account committing the violation. If this happens, myeCarousel or the seller member will not make any refund for Sold-Bought Content that violates any of the permitted license uses, or any other credit remaining on the affected account. For more information about Sold-Bought Content refers to our  2. Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy section.

2. You may only embed or upload the Sold-Bought Content on a website that complies with the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms section. For clarity, you may not use the content in any website that include non-family friendly content.

3. The Sold-Bought Content is provided "as is" and you cannot modify any part of the content that will alter the way the content is displayed on myecarousel.com or any other website or media.

4. The Content can only be used IF it does NOT include identifiable people, and in the following ways:

a. Online as presented by the content code and image files.

b. Printed as presented by the downloaded image files up to 99,999 impressions.

5. You are the only permitted to use the content on your website, your business related or affiliated websites, and on your customers’ website, if you are a provider member offering virtual tour services. If you add the Sold-Bought Content code on others’ websites, they will not have any additional or further rights to use the code or extract the image files from the code you provide them. You cannot provide, totally or partially, any image file you bought on myecarousel.com to others.

6. You can use the Sold-Bought Content code for personal or commercial use based on the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms section. If the activity, product, service, business or property you want to promote with the Sold-Bought Content does not comply with the myeCarousel Community guidelines, you cannot use the content even if your activity or business is considered legal in your jurisdiction.

License Uses that are Not Permitted

You cannot use the Sold-Bought Content in a way that is not expressly permitted in the preceding section. For more certitude, the following are not permitted uses and you cannot use the Sold-Bought Content, totally or partially:

1. Online or off-line in the form of design template applications for sale. These templates include without limitations, business cards and brochures, websites, electronic and Flash, printed and electronic greeting cards.

2. On any website that promotes, sales, licenses or distributes products on demand. These products may include without limitations, mounted printings, t-shirts and mugs.

3. In items for license, resell or any other distribution for profit. These items includes without limitations to photos or posters printed on any media.

4. In business stationary, corporate identity or legal registrations. These include without limitations logo, business slogans, business and trade names, and trade, design and service marks.

5. In a way that violates the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms section. These uses include without limitations, situations that are illegal or considered by myeCarousel immoral, defamatory, pornographic, infringing; or disrespect for any person, business or property, that may result into disgrace.

6. In any product and service that will be reproduced, reused or commercialized in the form of online templates, greeting cards and any other similar online or offline use.

7. In a way that shows a person or people in such situations that will make others to think that she/he/they:

a. Is/are supporting or endorsing a product, service, business, group, cause or organization of any nature.

b. Is/are related to sensitive situations, such us, but without limitations to, substance use, criminal acts, sexual preferences, social issues, mental or physical health issues, human or animal or environmental abuse, that may be offensive for the people included in the content, or that violates the myeCarousel Community Guidelines included in our 1. Terms of Use and Contribution Terms section.

8. In a way that a source code contained within the content is reversed engineer, decompiled, disassembled, or modified totally or in any part composing such code.

9. In a way that any signature, copyright note, logo, trade mark or any other proprietary information that is visible on the content or embedded in the code that shows the content, is hidden or removed, totally or partially, from the content.

10. To provide rights to others to use such content by re-selling, sub-licensing, renting, assigning, lending, giving for free or any other action that distributes or transfers to others the rights given by myeCarousel to its members, under this agreement.

11. To make the content available on a network or web server to be used by others.

Process to buy content on myecarousel.com

1. Login to your account on myecarousel.com

2. Select the panorama you want to buy.

3. Select to pay with credit card or PayPal.

4. After payment the panorama and related content, if available, will be available in your account.