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About myeCarousel

myeCarousel is an online platform for uploading panoramas and photos to create virtual tours.

Virtual tours can be embedded on your website and shared through Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

About myeCarousel

Our Story

myeCarousel is a Division of Pana Portal View Inc. that was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada by Martin Lluis-O'Hara in 2004.

The myeCarousel story begins back in late 2003, when Martin was offering digital renderings to architects and developers in Victoria BC. As an immigrant who came to Canada from Paraguay with his family in 1999, Martin, who enjoys hitting the road to discover new places and towns, decided to take his family for a trip north Vancouver Island to Courtney, small city located 220 km from Victoria.

Though discovering and adventure were the main ingredients for this trip, Martin had to make some online research to find a place where to stay with his family during the long weekend. There were a few options for accommodations in Courtney but Martin found a bit frustrating that the hotels and motels' websites showed only a few photos, and even worst, most of them were just photos showing flowers and some other nice images but nothing really related to the space and surrounding of the accommodations. So the idea of creating a system that would allow business owners to easily create and update virtual tours to showcase their business' areas started to take shape in Martin's mind.

The road has been challenging and it took since then to have myeCarousel up and running ten years later in March 2014. Martin designed the system and started doing some html coding to test the first virtual tour prototype. He knew that the easier to use the website was the more complicated the coding would be. And Martin was determined to create an easy to use and affordable tool to offer businesses, even the ones without a promotion's budget, the opportunity to add a virtual tour to their websites and update it at any time. So here is when other people started joining to add a piece of the puzzle in the myeCarousel creation. And Martin is very thankful to all the professionals, family and friends who came onboard, in one or another way, to make this happen.

Our Mission

To offer:

  • Affordable and easy to use online tools to enthusiasts, photographers, web designers, business’ owners and property sellers who want to create, update, share, embed and sell virtual tours.
  • Virtual tour solutions for the unique combination of budget and quality needs each member may have, with the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade and cancel at any time.

Our Vision

We want to become the best option for all who will benefit with the implementation of virtual tours on their website. For this we will keep updating and improving our technology and level of customer services.

Our Values

We understand that values should speak for themselves and what really matters is not what we claim to be our values but how we embody them. So the only way you can really learn about our values is based on your own experience dealing with us. However, if we may provide you with a short description about our values, it is this:

"To offer all our benefits and services to our members, customers, employees and providers with integrity, honesty and by treating them as we would want to be treated."

If what we "do" doesn't reflect what we "claim", please let us know