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    A virtual tour in myeCarousel is normally comprised by more than one linked panoramas. After you link together all the panoramas you want to include in the virtual tour, you can copy the embed code of the default panorama (first panorama to show in the virtual tour) and add it to an HTML page of your website, to have all linked panoramas running on your website.

    To create a virtual tour, that will include for instance, panoramas A, B and C, follow the next steps:

    1. Login to your account and in the “Members Area”, under “My Virtual Tours”, click on “Manage Panoramas” to open the “Manage My Panoramas” page.
    2. Be sure that panoramas A, B and C are set to “Visibility: Everyone”. (To change the visibility of a panorama click on “Edit Panorama” located to the right of the panorama; under “Publish Panorama” select “Everyone”, and click on “Edit Panorama” at the bottom to save the change.)
    3. Decide what panorama will be the default panorama in the virtual tour; for instance panorama A. Click on “Edit Panorama” located to the right of panorama A; under “Panorama Settings” select “Main Panorama in my Virtual Tour”, and click on “Edit Panorama” at the bottom to save the change.
    4. On the “Manage My Panoramas” page you now will link panorama A to panoramas B and C. To do this locate Panorama A and click on “Manage Hot Spots” located to the right of the panorama. (you can also link panorama A to panorama B or C only, but the filmstrip and drop down list will include only the panoramas linked to the default panorama).
    5. Click on “Create Hot Spot”; add the required information to create the hotspot; you can also upload a JPG image if you want.
    6. The panorama will be running below the “Description” area. Hold-down and drag the mouse, and click on the panorama to locate the hotspot.
    7. Select a “Hot Spot Colour / Type” in the drop down menu. If you select a “Direct Link”, for instance the default animated Radar, you’ll need to choose then the panorama you want to link this panorama to. If you select a “Popup Link” you will be able to add a popup window without linking to another panorama. As we want now to link panorama A to panorama B, be sure to select a “Direct Link”.
    8. Under “Set Related Panorama” select the Country, Province / State and City where the panorama B is located. In the “Panorama” drop down list find and select panorama B and click on “Add Hot Spot” to save the change.
    9. Now you need to follow the same steps to link panorama A to panorama C. You also need to add hotspots on panoramas B and C to link these panoramas together, and to link them back to panorama A.

    To embed or add the virtual tour to your website refer to How to add a virtual tour to my website.

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