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    The option to create a business on myeCarousel may or may not be included with your current plan. If you’re promoting a business it’s good idea to create a business so all the elements and content related with the business will be properly organized. One of the advantages of creating a business is that you will specify the business location only once, and then the panoramas you create or relate to the business will be automatically located in the same location. The other advantage is that your business will be listed on the Businesses section of myeCarousel. To create a business do the following:

    Step 1/3

    1. Under “My Businesses” click on “Add a Business” to go to Step 1.
    2. On the Step 1 page enter your Business Details, Contact Details and Business Location.
    3. After you selected your business country, province / state and city, be sure to click on the map to locate your business.
    4. Under Business Media you can upload the business logo, photo and banner.
    5. Click on “Continue” to go to step 2.

    Step 2/3

    1. Here you can create your first Business Panorama or click on “Skip Step” located at the top right if you’re still not ready to upload a panorama.
    2. Enter the Panorama Details and Settings, then upload the panorama image and click “Continue” to go to the last step. Remember to set your panorama to “Private” under “Publish Panorama” if your panorama is not ready to be published as “Everyone” or public.

    Step 3/3

    1. The last step is to create a Slideshow, that may be available or not depending on the plan you have. You can click on “Skip Step” located to the top right to finish the process.
    2. Enter the Slideshow details and then upload some images related with the business you’re creating.
    3. Click on “Continue” and the new business will be added to your “Manage Businesses” page.
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